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Elective Class 2016 Spring Session

Schedule & Fee

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Elective Class - 2016 Spring Session
Course Grade Day Time Dates No Class # Class Fee Material Fee
Kung-Fu Zen K - 5 Mon. 5:20~6:20pm 1/11-5/23 1/18,2/15 18 $216/270** Additional $58 material fee for new students required
Go K - 5 Mon. 5:20~6:20pm 1/11-5/23 1/18,2/15 18 $216/270**
Drawing I-W K Wed. 2:15~3:15pm 1/13-5/25 20 $240/300** Additional $15 material fee required for all students
Drawing I-F K - 2 Fri. 3:30~4:30pm 1/15-5/27 20 $240/300** Additional $15 material fee required for all students
Drawing II K - 2 Fri. 3:00~4:00pm 1/15-5/27 20 $240/300** Additional $15 material fee required for all students
Drawing III-W 2-4 Wed. 1:10~2:10pm 1/13-5/25 20 $240/300** Additional $15 material fee required for all students
Drawing III-F 2-4 Fri. 4:05~5:05pm 1/15-5/27 20 $240/300** Additional $15 material fee required for all students
Drawing IV 3+ Fri. 5:15~6:15pm 1/15-5/27 20 $360/$440** Additional $15 material fee required for all students
Soccer K - 5 Fri. 4:05~5:05pm 1/22-5/13 2/19, 4/15 15 $180/225**
Dance II K - 1 Fri. 3:00~4:00pm 1/15-5/27 20 $240/300** Additional $30 clothing fee required for all students, not including shoes
Dance III 2-5 Fri. 4:05~5:05pm 1/15-5/27 20 $240/300** Additional $30 clothing fee required for all students, not including shoes
Chess K - 5 Fri. 5:15~6:15pm 1/15-5/27 20 $240/300**
  • Please register early! Classes may be cancelled if enrollment is low.
  • We charge discounted price to current EES after school student. In the Fee column, the first one is for current EES after school student, the second one is for non-EES after school students.
  • Fees must be paid in full before the first class meeting begins. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Questions, concerns, or have an idea for future enrichment classes? Call us at 408-377-2888 or email office@enlightenschool.org





Instructor: Joe Lee(李文)– 李文六段是业余围棋高手,有丰富的围棋教学经验,近年来一直致力于青少年围棋艺术的推广。


Teach and help children to find out the beauty of world, from the simple lines and colors to learn the basics of art drawing also stimulate children’s creative minds to use his/her unique gift in art. Students complete one new drawing each week and learn a variety of art concepts including portraiture, still life, line and patterning, perspective, color theory and art vocabulary.

Instructor: Lingwoan Ray – Lingwoan Ray taught children drawing and adult drawing and watercolor, oil painting in both Taiwan and USA. She was the author of Cosmic Light Magazine “Artist and Poem Column” (宇宙光杂志画家诗歌画专栏) from 2008 – 2011, also the illustrator of “Living Stone” (活石)Magazine cover. She received BFA in Fine Art in Chinese Culture University, Taiwan.

Kung-Fu Zen(功夫禅)

Lessons in this class are built to enhance a child’s physical and social development. Students will learn physical, technical as well as historical and philosophical aspects of traditional Kung-Fu. The rigorous workout will cover the basic fundamentals of kung fu: stretching, breathing, stances, kicking, punching, and mental focus. Respect and discipline through the vehicle of Kung-Fu will be developed. Please note a materials fee of $58 is due on the first day of class. The fee covers the class uniform including T-shirt, Pants and shoes.

Instructor: ShaoLin KungFu Zen(少林功夫禅)


Numerous studies over the past 40 years show that chess improves standardized test scores in reading and math, improves memory, develops logical thinking, promotes imagination and creativity and teaches independence. But most important of all, kids have fun! The chess class teaches the game of kings in a unique, fun and engaging way. Kids will learn everything from basic piece movement to advanced tactics, with lessons tailored to suit students of all skill levels.

Instructor: Castling Kids Chess Academy. – Castling Kids is directed by Abel Talamantez, a former nationally-ranked scholastic player who is currently rated in the top 7% of players nationally by the United State Chess Federation (USCF). He has over 25 years of chess playing experience and has played in numerous national tournaments and events. He is also a certified Tournament Director. Abel holds a degree in Political Science from the University of California at Berkeley.


Chinese dance, Ballet, and Modern dance will be introduced. Students will explore movement, space and rhythm. The goal is to help students improve flexibility; develop proper balance, body posture, coordination, dace fundamentals and performance skills. Students will complete one dance at the end of the session. The class also helps students build confidence in an atmosphere of fun and learning.

Instructor: Jiwen Dong – Ms. Jiwen Dong graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, with major in Chinese folk dance. She later furthered her studies and became an instructor at Beijing Music and Dance School. She is an instructor in International Performing Arts Center at Cupertino.

Soccer Class (Skyhawks)

Using our professional curriculum, Skyhawks staff will ensure your young athlete will gain the technical skills & sport knowledge required for their next step into soccer. This program focuses on dribbling, passing, shooting and ball control. By the end of the class, your child will have learned new life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship, made new friends, and improved their sport skills preparing them for play in the playground or league play!

Instructor: SkyhawksSport – Skyhawks Sports started as a regional soccer program focused in the Pacific Northwest. The popularity of the camps grew as the years went by, and some amazing athletes and wonderful individuals emerged. The Skyhawks Sports soccer-focused camps emphasized critical lessons in life, such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and winning and losing with grace.

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