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We are located at a former public school near Los Gatos Almaden Road and Union Avenue, just 0.7 mile off HWY 85. The beautiful public school campus is surrounded by a fence that is meant to keep children safe while school is in session. we also have an exclusive parking lot that can hold more than 50 cars to provide the highest safety standard for students and parents.

The school buildings come with two age-appropriate playgrounds, two basketball courts, and an outdoor story-telling area. Children also have access to a concrete playground to hold various ball games and team-sport games. Our grass area is large enough to hold soccer and baseball games as well as large group picnics and other outdoor activities. The total campus area is 9 acres.

The school internal area is 18,000 square feet, including eight standard classrooms, one auditorium, one science room, a kitchen and a school office. Our facility is built especially for elementary school age education purposes. The classrooms have wall-to-wall cabinets, drawers, white boards, movie projectors and counters and sinks for everyday learning activities, and children have plenty of room to be active learners. The auditorium features a stage, tables, and benches for student performances and indoor activities during bad weather.

Our classroom furniture and learning materials are top quality products that are carefully selected from the industry’s best vendors.