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Public Speaking

Course Description:

The course is designed to introduce students to public speaking and rhetoric. Consecutive lessons work through the alphabet as students develop basic communication skills (i.e., “A is for Articulation; B is for Breath control, C is for Conversation…”) Additional drills, games, and exercises will help students build confidence while creating rapport with an audience. Students will deliver recitations and present more than a dozen speeches throughout the course. Emphasis will be given to…

  • Voice – enunciation, articulation, cadence, pitch and diction
  • Body – posture, poise, use of gestures, facial expression, and eye contact.
  • Style & Delivery
  • Spontaneous speeches and conversational practicum
  • Platform speeches – speaking one’s own words
  • Interpretive speeches – bringing someone else’s words to life
  • Written evaluation and oral review of presentations

Workbook: How to be Heard & Remembered, a Public Speaking Primer by Winifred C Heggem


Instructor: Ms. Sheridan

Ms. Sheridan has grown up in a house of public speakers. She spent years watching her 8 older siblings excel in competitive forensics and then decided to join the activity herself. At age twelve, Sheridan began speaking competitively and receive national recognition. During her four years of competition, Sheridan received a total of 21 first place awards.

Since 2011, Sheridan has been teaching at classes, camps, and conference throughout the Western U.S. Her passion is to help other fulfill their speaking potential, which continuing to grow as a communicator herself.

Time: Every Sunday 10:30AM – 12:00PM (2/12/17-5/14/17, 12 weeks, $420).