Go (围棋)

Session 2: 6/19– 6/23/17

The game of Go originated at least 2500 – 4000 years ago in ancient China. It is one of the Chinese quintessence. It provides brain training; develops logical and analytical thinking, cultivates patience as well as perseverance. This course will teach children how to prioritize, strategize through placing the black and white pieces on the Go board which promotes concentration and focus in this hectic world.

Instructor: Mr. Joe Lee is ​​the amateur chess master, he has a rich experience in Go teaching and been involved in promotion of young chess art in recent years.

Go Class session has 5 days, 10 hours in total.

Time:   Monday – Friday   4:00pm-6:00pm.
Fee:      $200.00
Discounted Fee:$150.00(if register the same session full day summer program)