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Summer Camp Volunteer

Welcome to Enlighten Summer Camp, Volunteers!

Update: All the sessions are full. We don’t accept volunteer application for any session any more. See you at 2018 summer!

We are so glad that you have chosen to become a volunteer for the 2017 Enlighten Summer camp! You will be helping direct the camp in many different ways, including planning activities for the campers, attending classes with them, and aiding the staff here at Enlighten Enrichment School to make this another summer of success. This volunteer opportunity is packed with life skills that you will take with you for the rest of your life.

Online Application can be found here by 4/2/17.

If you’re thinking about volunteering at Enlighten Summer Camp, here are some requirements needed:

  1. All volunteers must be entering the 9th grade or higher by the Fall of 2017. (If you are entering eighth grade and would like to volunteer, please contact Enlighten for more information.)
  2. Although not mandatory, we urge volunteers to sign up for more than one week (session)!
  3. All volunteers will be required to pay a deposit of $50 (this money will be returned at the end of the summer*)
  4. Volunteers are required to wear their camp shirts when on campus unless told otherwise. 2 free T-shirts will be given to each volunteer and additional shirts can be purchased for $15 each. These t-shirts help Enlighten Campers and Staff Members to identify who you are.
  5. All volunteers must be able to at least understand Chinese.
  6. Be open minded! Enlighten Enrichment School strives to bring acceptance and culture to our campers and our volunteers as well. Our main goal of camp is to make camp fun and safe!

In becoming a volunteer here at Enlighten, here are some things you might expect:

  1. Volunteers will be spending all their time with children ages ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade. The kids look up to our volunteers here at Enlighten so it’s expected for all volunteers to be good role models.
  2. Besides interacting with children, volunteers will be spending a great deal working with other volunteers. You’ll be a crucial member of a thoughtfully-formed team and others will rely on you to bring your best self to camp every day.
  3. Camp days will begin at 8:00 a.m. and end around 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise said. It seems like a long day, but with all the activities happening, time flies!
  4. Lunch will be provided every day and served at 12-12:30. Volunteer’s help distribute lunch to all the campers too!
  5. There will be a MANDATORY Volunteer Orientation Day that will provide volunteers with all the information needed such as: step by step walk through of an average day at camp, detailed job descriptions of each volunteer team and more. There will be two days from which you can choose from, but you must attend one of them! These dates are: 5/28/2017 or 6/4/2017
  6. Every day, photos from camp are uploaded onto a Flickr account which is entirely run by volunteers, so photographers* of all sorts are needed!
  7. In return for volunteering here at Enlighten Chinese School, you’ll be getting about 45 volunteer hours for every week. Volunteers also have the opportunity to receive the Presidential Volunteer Service Award that commends volunteers for their hard work and dedication. More information will be provided later on.

The Volunteer Application Process:

  1.  To volunteer, an application MUST be filled out online by the due date of April 2, 2017. The online application can be found here on our website: http://enlightenschool.org/programs/summer-camp/
  2. Applications will take up to 1 week after the deadline to be approved. We unfortunately cannot accept every applicant, but we appreciate you dedicating your time to support our school!
  3. Once approved, a medical/liability release form will be emailed to you. Please fill it out, print it out, and deliver it along with 1) $50 deposit to Enlighten Chinese School and 2) a recent solo picture of yourself* 3) and a print out of the acceptance email as well, Mailed to the address: P.O Box 321242, Los Gatos, CA 95032 or Delivered to the school address: 1921 Clarinda Way, San Jose, CA 95124.

*Make sure your picture is clear and appropriate. We need to be able to know who you are and what you look like!*

The below chart is the Enlighten Summer Camp Volunteer Hour Policy. Enlighten takes dedication very seriously so all volunteers are expected to accommodate dates to the best of their abilities!

Situation Service Hours $50 Deposit Can I still volunteer?
Missing Volunteer Orientation

(no excusal)

None Non-refundable No
Late to camp(with excusal) Only for what you showed up for safe Yes
Leave early from camp
(with excusal)
Only for what you showed up for safe Yes
Volunteer no show(with no excusal) None Non-refundable No
Volunteer present for part of day(no excusal) Subtract hours un-excused from overall hours If more than an hour absent, deposit is non refundable At discretion of Supervisors
Volunteer medical absence(with parental notification and excusal) Only for what you showed up for safe Yes

*Volunteer Team Leader makes all final decisions.*

Some Important Reminders and Changes:

  1. The weeks you signed up for are those that you will be held accountable for. Every hour unexcused will be subtracted from your overall hours in the end so please be responsible and keep track of your time.
  2. In case you are not able to come to camp for any reason, you must submit an ONLINE Excuse google form 24 hours before the desired date of excusal. Jessica or a captain will inform you of the approval of your excusal but it is your responsibility to ask for approval beforehand. The link can be found here : https://goo.gl/forms/2WuN9xlMf7J1VPus2
  3. Yearbook Team Volunteers will abide by the same rules and application process as regular volunteers.
  4. Check and read your email systematically for updates and important information that will be coming your way!

Important Dates:

  • Online Application Deadline: 4/2/17, Sunday
  • Physical Forms, $50 Deposit, Picture Deadline: 4/30/17, Sunday
  • Mandatory Orientation Days: 5/28 or 6/4 @1:00-5:00 pm

Any Questions/Comments/Concerns?

Contact Jessica Uong at: jess.uong@gmail.com
or  Wei Tang at: wtang@enlightenchinese.org

Here are the Volunteer Teams:

All volunteers will be carefully placed in a volunteer team based off their abilities and experiences. Our four volunteer teams are listed below with a short introduction of what to expect in each team.

New Star The New Star Volunteer Program is is designed for those who do not have any/little prior volunteer experience. This team hopes to prepare volunteers to not only work with young children, but to work with others in a team. We hope all New Star Volunteers are able to become All Star and Super Team Members in the future. New Star’s main focus will be to assist teachers and Enlighten Staff in and out of classrooms, lead campers throughout the day, provide support to the All-Star, Super Team, and Captain volunteers and to improve on leadership and people skills.
All-Star The All-Star Volunteer Program is a newly designed addition to our volunteer task force. All-Star members have had previous volunteer experience and will learn to refine their skills in order to learn all that is needed to become a Super Team member in the future! Their main focus is to assist teachers in classrooms, lead campers throughout the day, provide support to the Super Team and Captain members, and be role models not only to the campers, but to the New Star team.
Super Team The Super Team Volunteer Program is for those who not only have had prior summer camp volunteer experience, but possess the qualities of a very strong leader. Super Team members are heavily relied on to lead New Star and All Star volunteers and are expected to set an example for others and to instruct them on what their duty as a volunteer is.They work closely with and will assist Captains to organize camp activities for the campers every single day.
Captains Captains are volunteers that have volunteered at camp for several years and have the most experience. They have gone above and beyond to show their responsibility, maturity, and leadership skills. Captains oversee all decisions and are in charge of planning most events and activities and leading/guiding the New Star, All-Star, and Super Team throughout their daily activities.
Photography (Yearbook Team) As mentioned before, photographers are much needed as a volunteers! Every day, photos are uploaded onto a Flickr account that is accessible to all parents of students. The photos are also later on used in our end of the summer yearbook. All pictures are taken and published by our yearbook team, which is made up of a group of volunteers who share a passion in photography and videography. Alongside their daily duties as a camp volunteer, they are able to take candid pictures of the students throughout the day and share their creativity with the rest of the team! If you have any additional questions on the Yearbook Team, please contact Timothy Yuan at timothyyuan@gmail.com.