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School Rules & Regulations

Enlighten Enrichment School Rules & Regulations

The Guidelines We Follow at School and Camp


  1. Running and yelling belong outside; we study and play quietly when we are inside.
  2. Furniture, games, equipment, and supplies are treated with care. Whenever we use something, we return it the same way we found it.
  3. Everyone helps at clean-up time.
  4. All personal belongings are kept in cubbies so they won’t get lost. Please label your belongings so they can be returned if they get lost.
  5. The phone is used for EMERGENCIES ONLY, with the permission of a school teacher.


  1. We always stay inside boundary areas where we can be seen by a school teacher.
  2. We never play with bats without permission AND a school teacher watching.
  3. We always use equipment safely in the manner it was designed.
  4. On outdoor climbing structures – HOLD ON AT ALL TIMES, ONE HAND on the bar at all times. No standing or walking on the bars.
  5. Never climb over or through porch bars or over school fences.
  6. Walk on the porches.


  1. Shoes MUST be worn at all times, unless given permission to take them off.
  2. We always share the toys with everyone who wants to play.
  3. Personal valuables, skate boards, radios, etc. are kept at home so that they will not be lost or broken at school.
  4. NO TOY FROM HOME AT SCHOOL – If you bring toys from home they must stay in your backpack.
  5. We always inform a teacher when we need to use the bathroom. We sign out with the inside teacher before going to a classroom or the office.
  6. Food or drink outside or at designated tables inside. No gum chewing allowed. Never run with food in your mouth or sticks in your hand.


  1. We always listen to what any teacher tells us.
  2. We always treat staff and other children with respect even when we are upset.
  3. When we have a problem that we can’t solve with words, we notify a teacher to help.
  4. Hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, fighting, wrestling, karate sparing, etc. can be dangerous so we don’t allow these at School.
  5. Swearing and name-calling can hurt someone else’s feelings so we don’t allow these at School or Camp.
  6. School will not tolerate bullying.

Boundaries and other rules will be explained by the School Principal or Camp Director.


Universal Behavior Management Program

 Our goal is to provide a healthy, safe and secure environment for all participants. Children are responsible for their own behavior. However, if there is an incident or situation that needs to be addressed, the following is a Behavior Management Program, which is designed to assist the children in making positive choices.


Behavior that is disruptive to classroom management

Aggressiveness (Physical and/or Mental)

Property Damage or Theft


Willful Defiance of Staff

Possession of Controlled or Toxic Substance

Leaving the School Site/Classroom Premises without Permission

Vulgar or Obscene Behavior/Language

Possession of Weapons



  1. Verbal Guidance
  2. Time to Think
  3. Develop Behavior Management Plan with Parents (Conference)
  4. Suspension of School Program and Probation Period Established
  5. Termination of Services

The Program Supervisor may suspend the child from the program for up to five days.

On situations that are considered an emergency, i.e., a perceived threat to persons or property or extreme disruption of the program, one or more steps in the Progressive Discipline Guidelines may be skipped at the discretion of the Program Supervisor.


Enlighten Enrichment School reserves the right to terminate enrollment of any students at any time with or without reasons. Also, the right to dismiss a child who exhibits inappropriate behavior patterns that we are not set up to handle, whose behavior is at the expense of the health and safety of other children, and/or teachers at the school, who is not suited to our individualized program, and/or who is not benefiting from our school’s environment. Inappropriate behavior patterns include (but not limit to) biting, pinching, punching of other children or teachers.