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Enlighten Enrichment School is an education group with an after school, a summer school, an international exchange program, and support for home-schooling parents for students of ages five through twelve. The school was founded in 2009 starting with a weekend Chinese program (Enlighten Chinese School). The school now offers a variety of different courses and special classes, particularly in the fields of Chinese language and culture.

Our integrated courses, which include both American and Chinese features, provide students with a different perspective and unique experience in our bi-cultural environment, which will help expand their creativity and potential abilities.

We teach the Chinese language and culture using simplified Chinese characters and Pin Yin (Chinese phonics system).

We are located at the campus formerly owned by De Voss Elementary School near Los Gatos Almaden Road and Union Avenue, on the boundary of Los Gatos and South San Jose, just 0.7 mile off HWY 85. We mainly serve students from the Los Gatos School District, Union School District, San Jose Unified School District, Cambrian School District, Campbell Union School District and adjacent private schools including The Challenger School, Stratford School, Carden Academy, and more. We have exceptional teachers, who are both enthusiastic and specialized in their jobs. Enlighten is a dedicated school that caters to the need of both the students and the parents. We do all in our ability to provide a safe and quality educational environment for children during the workday and after-school time.