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Math Competition

Course Description:

Math Olympiad:

Does your child want a little more excitement and challenge from Mathematics other than his/her school course work? Join us in this class with other kids who have the same interest. This course is designed for 4th to 6th graders who are seeking for some math fun by practicing their “math muscle/brain”. We will work through the book “Creative Problem Solving in School Mathematics”. The purpose of this course is to develop students’ math problem solving strategies and critical thinking. We will do some serious math while having tons of math fun and building endless math friendships.

Beginner Math Olympiad: Every Friday 3:30PM – 5:00PM (1/13/17-5/19/17, 18 weeks, $450)

Intermediate Math Olympiad: Every Sunday 9:00AM – 10:20AM (1/15/17-5/21/17, 17 weeks, $425) 


This course is designed to not only help middle schoolers to prepare and do well in their annual AMC8 test but also, mainly, to stimulate their interest in math thinking and problem solving strategies. We are here to build strong foundations and confidence for students’ future math learning so that they will make smooth transition to bigger challenges – their high school AMC10 and AMC12 exams.

Students will work on past AMC8 test questions through this course. The instructor will construct lectures based on students’ results to strengthen their knowledge and stimulate their creative and critical thinking. Working/debate with their peers/classmates also helps with their understanding and sparkles their lifelong learning abilities. Expect to have tons of math fun and building endless math friendships while doing some serious math problems.

Time: Every Sunday 1:30PM – 3:10PM (1/15/17-5/21/17, 17 weeks, $445) 

Instructor: Jie Liu

Dr. Liu is currently an university math professor. She has taught college level math for more than ten years in U.S. While helping her own kids study math, she started her interest in youth math learning and teaching. For the past couple of years, she volunteered in helping math clubs with her children’s elementary school and middle school by teaching math Olympiad, MathCounts and AMC series. She is very passionate about education especially early development of math thinking.